Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Thoughts Of New Orleans.

In the days before Katrina struck I, like a lot of others was concerned, then as it hit I breathed a sigh of relief. Until the levies broke.

My first thoughts were for a good friend who lives in the area with her family, and we all fretted and worried and called her over and over until we received word late last night they were all safe and well. It was then my thoughts turned to the city of New Orleans.

Everyone who knows me knows I have a long and enduring love for the city that care forgot. New Orleans has held my fascination since I was a small child, as a teenager I read everything I could get my hands on when it came to New Orleans, and when I actually visited the city for the first time in my mid twenties I felt as if I come home.

I have been privileged to visit the area several times since, and with my Pooh I was lucky enough to be able to explore many nooks and crannies that I otherwise not have been able to. I love this place, with it’s air of old world elegance and decay. It’s free spirit and joy of life everywhere you look.

The mist in the mornings. The smell of the river and cooking, and the city so alive, when you walk the streets you can’t help but feel the weight of time, wonder about the many feet that have taken the same path you are.

The blacksmith’s tavern, purported to be a haunt of the Pirate Jean Lafitte. One of the oldest structures in the quarter, dark and smoky where one can sit and enjoy a mint julep and feel a bit mysterious and naughty.

On our last visit there, I dragged Pooh to St Louis No.1 where the great voodoo queen Marie
Levau is said to be buried, I chased both a pigeon and a rat the size of a Maine coon. (Did not catch either much to pooh’s relief.) Marie’s tomb was decorated with tokens left, wishes people have asked for. Who will leave those tokens now?

I bored him nattering about the Baroness Pontalba and her famous buildings and went on and on about Napoleon’s death mask. Poor pooh, all he wanted was a t-shirt and a sandwich but he indulged me.

The Court of Two Sisters, where they have the most wonderful brunches, now flooded with water. As is the gun shop on Royal street I had to physically drag my hubby out of before he spent our life savings. The Lalaurie house where ghosts of murdered slaves are said to roam restlessly, Pirates Alley, where Pooh and I found a boot I am still convinced belonged to one of the Lafitte brothers. The street car that inspired Tennessee Williams. The superdome that sheltered so many from Mother Nature’s fury.

The Acme Oyster house, Jackson brewery, Congo square, French market, Café Du Monde, the Cabildo, Cathedral, and Presbytere. Storyville, where prostitution was alive and well at the turn of the century. So many places, so much history, now battered and drowned.

The places I mention are well known, but New Orleans is stuffed stories, memories and lives. So many lives, now lost, whose stories we will never know. Mothers and fathers. Sisters, brothers and children. How many will never be found? My heart weeps with the tragedy of those lost souls, and for those left to carry on.

And carry on they will, the people of NOLA are a hearty, brassy lot. They will pull themselves from this, rebuild, and repair. There will be many more drunken Mardi Gras, cheap beads, bare breasts and college students. New Orleans will survive, changed forever, but still standing.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pooh- Lord of the Snakes, but not the Reno!

Well then, as most of you know I have several pets. My mother feels this makes up for my being childless and she is most likely right. I don’t consider I have gone over board however. I have one dog (Reno), One cat (Gray) one bird (Toot) and one turtle (Speedy). I feel I have all the elements represented here too so it is all good.

Now I also count Pooh as a pet, mostly because he eats with his paws, pees outside and has been knows to run about in the front yard wearing nothing but his undies. Also if you scratch him just right behind is ear, his leg twitches; or at least he tells me it is his leg. Ahem.

Today Pooh is a proud man. While shooting his bow and arrow set he chanced upon a snake. Immediately he marshaled his manly prowess and vanquished the two inch long thing.

Now we come to one of the things that makes me madly in love with Pooh. Now that he held the creature powerless in his grip he began to worry that it was too small to take care of itself, what with all the ravens we have in the backyard and such. Perhaps it would not be able to get enough to eat.

Bless him.

Ergo it makes perfect sense to scoop it up and put it in his failed herb garden. The one that he planted in an old aquarium and proceeded to tell me was marijuana. Picture me running about the house screaming “ OMG! We are going to get arrested! I am too pretty to go to jail!!!!!”

Yeah he thought it was pretty funny too. Gawd!

But I digress.

After inquiring as to what the thing eats and being told flies, and no that it would not be able to crawl out of the aquarium even though there is nothing covering it, a statement I doubted greatly, I managed to dig up the small container I once kept Speedy in back when he was still the size of a quarter. A bit of kitty litter and a few river rocks later and I now have a snake- a tiny, little snake who looks absolutely terrified mind you- living on my kitchen counter.

Now comes the truly sad part. My poor dog Reno is apparently scared of snakes as when pooh stuck the little thing in his face he peed all over the kitchen. Reno was very embarrassed. Pooh was very angry mostly because I made him clean it up. *EG*

I have friends that would keel over in a dead faint if they saw this but I am not squeamish. And I have to say, the lil sucker is just too darn cute! Now my question to you all; what should we call him? I like the sound of Pooh Jr. but that may be a bit much.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Revenge of the pale red kitchen

Pooh’s ‘remedy’ has apparently worked. Yay. I can't tell you how overcome with joy I was to hear that. Gawd.

I am now painting the cabinets.



Yes it is small and petty, but it makes me feel better! The idea of my ever so manly husband cooking in a pink and cream kitchen just makes me smile.

In fact I think that pansy print yellow calico just might make some lovely curtains. After all the western motif we have now just does not go with my pretty pastel pink cabinets.

Does this make me an ebil wifey???

Do I care…. Erm NO!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Dealing wth the Poohdragon

As some of you may know My Pooh loves FIRE. He loves to make it, cook with it and play with it. Some months ago he set the kitchen on fire by leaving a pan of grease on the stove. The flames were so hot they melted the microwave next to the stove. Let me say - convincing him to purchase a new oone was quite a feat as he was convinced that although the entire side resembled candle wax, because the keypad still worked the microwave was still completely safe.

However that is another story for another time.

As I was saying he set the kitchen on fire, and though the damage was minimal, I spent 5 days cleaning up the mess. Now for those of you who have husbands who do not like FIRE, let me explain; Soot gets everywhere and stains everything. So my once white kitchen was now the color of Pooh's two year old tighty-whities.

This incident happend in May and I still feel now as I did then, I should not have to spend my hard earned dollars to fix his mistake. He agreed at the time and we soon picked colors out for the kitchen.

Fast forward to August 15- The Kitchen is still old-undie gray and I am very ill tempered. Fortunately I had to visit our storage building today and therein discovered a forgoten 5 gallon container of paint from our old apartment.

Yes, The Meme did a happy dance!!! Home went I and painted did I, however, I am short and there a few spots that cannot be reached by my stumpy ass. As Pooh had a short day at work and is several inches taller than I. I felt it reasonable to ask him to paint this six inch area.

Apparently not.

Pooh informed me that he cannot possible accommodate my request as he has been eating too much cheese and his body is not functing as it should. Therefore he must pamper his poor bloated self and consume and entire box of raisin bran drizzled with black strap molasses. (Pooh loves molasses.)

As I am used to these sorts of coments from my darling Pooh I took the news with good grace. However I find myself feeling slightly resentful. I am not the one that forced him to grate and entire one pond brick of extra sharp cheddar cheese onto three tortila chips and spent his Sunday watching "Saw" now am I?

Iask you- when does the madness end???

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Finally I have my very own blog! I know every one is ever so excited for me, as It is all about me and me (meme get it??) Fine so it is a dorky joke

Anyhoo happy b-day to our nee who we love!

All hail the deet queen!!!

I have started a interesting little game on yahoo groups. Thanks to all my friends that have helped me with the development of Winding City!

I am very excited as Booh (name has been changed to protect the innocent) has drawn a map of the city and now its like we have our own little corner of the universe!

And thanks to my very own Pooh who helped me make up Winding to start with!