Sunday, November 20, 2005

Poetry corner

I saw you across a crowded room. Among all the others that were there. The lights seemed to shine down on you alone. I knew then that I had to have you for my own.

Willingly, you come with me to my home. From the car, I carry you, throw the door open and enter my castle. Looking at you, I admire your body, your well shaped legs, and full, well-rounded breasts.

Slowly I remove all that wraps around your body so tightly, fitting you like a glove. Exposing your tender white skin.From your neck I remove your charms, and carry you off in my arms, to the warm water that awaits. The water cascades down your neck, flowing over your soft breasts... making your legs glisten with a shimmering sheen of wetness.

Droplets of water cover your taut skin. My hands rub your body, mmmm... running them through the beads of water... making them trickle down off your body. Slowly I slide my fingers inside you. You are warm and moist, so ready. I carry your still dripping body to a laying place, so that I can put inside you what was well prepared to enter you long before we even came through the door.

As soon as I lay you down, your legs spread open wide. You are ready now and so am I. I put a little in slowly at first, getting a feel for how muchyou can take. I slide in a little more, you take it willingly.

In anticipation, faster and faster I put it in, pushing it as deeply and as far as I can, until I can't fill you any more... you are so tight. With your legs wrapped tightly, not wanting to release any of it, I make you so hot for a very long time, until your sweet juices slowly escape from within.

Then I taste you, sliding your tender flesh over my tongue... your skin is so soft and tender.I taste more of you with my mouth, sliding my tongue slowly across your warm flesh.. you are so hot and moist, you smell so good. Your juices coating my mouth, dribbling down my chin, making me drool in anticipation of tasting you more, with every tiny nibble.

"Oh yes", I whisper breathlessly... "I do love a Butterball turkey..."


It wasn't what your dirty little mind thought it was now was it ? LOL...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005