Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I am sad, I am blue,
I hate everything I have to do.

I hate my job, I hate my life.
Getting out of bed seems such a high price.

I hate my face, I hate my ass
I want to break my looking glass

Life sucks big time I say,
As I crawl throughout my sucky day.

I have no desire to summon a smile,
The effort hardly seems worthwhile.

I am dull and bent,
I think of people with ill intent.

I am cranky and sour,
all alone hour by hour.

Life has no color or shine
It’s just a way to pass the time

I hate it when I feel this way.
Even the sun is dim today.

1 comment:

Jenna Leigh said...

lurve you missy.. miss you too.. sniffles.